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I Felt It

This poem is about pain. The pain of feeling like you're losing hold of someone, and the pain this person has given you.

i felt it,
your lingering hold
like a phantom kiss
on my too cold bones

i felt it,
the split, the shatter
it was far too long ago
murky in my memory
but acid, burning

i feel it,
the scorching heat
the itch to scream
the need to wrap
my nimble fingers
between your collarbones

i feel it,
the tear, the flooding
spreading vein to vein
the pathetic need
to stop the wheel
from spinning again

do you feel my distant touch?
do you hear my silent, broken cries?
do you feel the nothingness
in the vast distance
between you and i?

i have been scammed
made to believe
that all will be gone, in time
none of the tiny little embers
clinging to my being
settling, forever blazing and red-hot

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