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Larry Rankin, an experiened writer, enjoys creative writing in all forms, from literary to mainstream.

Inspiration for the Poem

This poem is in response to the current definition of the word Patriotic, which recently has been changed to mean ignorant, close-minded, and cowardly.

The word Patriodd has been coined here as a new term to encompass the old meaning of Patriotic: free-thinking, open-minded, and brave.


As the Author Intended the Poem to Look

Below is a photo of the poem "i am PATRIODD" as the author intended it to look visually.


"i am PATRIODD" Hubpages Version

I am patriodd. I think. I am not blind.

I am patriodd. I believe in what this world can be. I know it has never been great and therefore cannot be great again--only great for the very first time.

I am patriodd. I pray for the safety of troops and the destruction of the impotent old men putting them in harm's way.

I am patriodd. So I fly the flag upside down and kneel where others stand.
If I did not care, I would put my hand over my heart and pretend.

I will not be a coward. I will not be a casualty of convention. I am strong. I am brave. I am patriodd

I am patriodd. I don't recognize appointed racists. I don't support sexist pigs. I reject innocents killing one another for HIS amusement.


I am patriodd. And sometimes faith is sterility--vanquisher of established culture--and questions the breeders of life.

I am patriodd. I still care. I won't leave because I still care. I won't shut up because I still care.

It may be that this thing that is happening will happen no matter--but it will not happen because of me!

Rather I parish here attempting to cure the illness that has gripped the rest than succumbing or running away from it, because I am patriodd!

I am utterly alone, because it is a more social, inviting place this day and--I fear--for many yet to come.

As Read by the Authur


© 2018 Larry Rankin