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I Feel Creative Today

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You Are So Far Away

How can I touch you

Reach in and grab you

Maybe I should try using a more gentle approach

I slight tap on your shoulder

A light whisper in your ear

A gentle hello my dear

It is so nice to see you

I can't believe it has been so long since last time we spoke

You are looking good

Your shirt complements your soft blue eyes

Hidden behind the dark sunglasses

How have you been ?

I have been fine and the weather is getting nicer and nicer

This is my favorite time of the year

A little bit warmer with an afternoon breeze

I won't keep you any longer

I know you probably have a thousand things to do

It's my day off today

So I tend to get carried away

I have no plans

Just off to enjoy the day

Maybe take in a movie

I heard you like movies

No let me correct that

I heard you live and die for movies

Movies are truly something special

They capture our dreams on the big screen

I could get easily hooked

Then I would never get any writing done

I am happy to know a movie buff

Who can not only talk about the movie

She gives me the deep meaning

Sees things that I have missed

Tells me the Hollywood stars who played so many different roles

Rates the movie by the critics

From the biggest blockbusters to the unexpected flops

Then gives her honest opinion

I think about many things in my writings

Coffee Queen comes to mind

In far away England

Louise Powles sitting for hours

Twirling your long blonde hair

A person who loves a good plot

Is looking for the twist in the story

Has tears in her eyes on the sad scenes

Heart pounding in a passionate love story

Loves a good jaw dropper

As well as the classic happy ending

Take the mystery and the suspense

Gritting your teeth and holding on to the edge of your seat

Powerful documentaries who tell it like it is

In between the dramas and the good family humor

I can see you watching

Absorbing each movie like one great big sponge

Looking for the villain

Rooting for the underdog

Heart broken in tragedy

Coming back time and time again

Pass the popcorn and my drink please

Hurry, hurry

The movie is about to start

I know you don't want to miss one word

From the previews to the ending credits

Thank you again

For being a lovely friend

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