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"The-Lecture" As I listen to what the center say.

Roger is a newly writer from Bacolod City. He is currently studying at CPAC Central Philippine Adventist College. BSED – Major in English.

"The Lecture"


By: Roger B. Condez

Poem about Life

I keep my ears wide open,

As I listen to what the center say,

Attentively looking at the center,

Remembering all words that coming out.

Talking slightly to my side,

Yet not making any noise,

I feel my knees cramps,

Then I decided to stand and,

Go out and feel better.

I go back and sit again,

Waiting for break time,

As I listen, my eyes fall down,

The center knock me up,

And look to me as my enemy,

I’m afraid and I’m about to cry,

But center smile at me and said,

Just stay down my dear.

Cause I know you have a hard day,

Rest your sleepy head there,

While listening to my voice,

And wake up after I finish the lecture.

© 2022 Roger Condez

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