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"The-Door" Poetic Write back on Psalm 51

Roger is a newly writer from Bacolod City. He is currently studying at CPAC Central Philippine Adventist College. BSED – Major in English.

"The Door"


By: Roger B. Condez

Poetic Poetry

I was a lonely boy before I was born,

As lonely as a room without light.

No one loves me, no one cares for me,

even my own family.

I feel that time I was a lime,

melting like ice, my eyes was starting,

to put down my tears as,

I realized that I was just a dust,

nothing but a dust.

As I walk through the door,

the door was like looking at me,

saying that don’t leave!

Don’t give up! And rise up!

For your journey is not over yet.

I feel like the door was trying to,

motivate me not to go but to stay.

Yes! The door was the only thing,

I’ve left behind but I was just wondering,

if it is true or not. Sometimes

we feel like we’re nothing,

hopeless and weak but remember,

that there is always something,

that reminds us and motivates us,

as we move on to the next line of,

our lives that there is always,

an open door for anyone to,

make everyone become won.

© 2022 Roger Condez

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