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Tell Me, How Do You Spend Spring?

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How Do You Spend Spring?

Time is defined in when.

When the leaves rises from fallen time and flaming flowers ‘reeks luster

Thin petals of blooming flowers flows the crystal water in its sheen

Explicating love boats and swans and lilies that wander in the live river

Then campfires and horror stories and gleaming the unknowns

In spring weather, there are people and earth gifted hearts saturated moments that could sort

Rich and poor messages wrapped in vines that were left behind and left to betaken oneself for.

Each firefly like golden dust hued of imperfection realism

In mourn of the shadows that cannot simply be reversed

In the limelight vases which stores tears like rain water

Thirst of freedom, air, and colors that could have swelter a home

From a place in black and white,

Of a person that was familiar, but utterly a stranger,

Of a time in springs, resile the wrathful bugs that stings for blood.

From the return of cold and warm sensation that recoils in its veins

A perfect time to say, springtime is no other like May.


Jupiter, Mercury, and Virtue. -Dosso Dossi

Jupiter, Mercury, and Virtue. -Dosso Dossi

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