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he's waiting for you

i wonder what i would say to you now
there is nothing that I am sure of anymore;
so many of us are sick,
happiness our hope;
we know death fears no man’s past
or his loyalty to kindness or truth
So we must toil as fear is our own affair,
we remember darkness here
also means light in another somewhere,
life goes on, but what of your memories,
can you tell me what is on your mind;
have you become the things we cannot see,
the air we breathe, the love we feel;
is it so, please tell me, i will listen
your eyes closed, the absence of light,
but it is so that this is where dreams are made;
is it the life of a reflection upon the water,
we see it but will it soon be gone, shadowed
or bathed in so much light that we are blinded;
shielding our eyes from so much life,
as i am now blinded by yours, all of it;
so much more than mine now,
where is my purpose beyond sorrow;
is there a prayer living inside my tears,
a miracle alive inside my hope;
we are camels in the desert,
serving a master who cannot give us water;
we believe in ourselves, but today,
we know we can only love, but not save;
we are only those who pray, beggars and thieves;
stealing time and asking for forgiveness,
but do not judge him Lord as we have judged;
for you know your creation as we do not,
and what you know to be true,
we can only believe; so now we believe in you;
and ask you to save one so in need,
while we wait our turn for your will to be done

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