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This is My Call

Jillian has experienced different weathers, not only externally but also internally. There would storms within or sunny days in between.

Look beyond; then ride along

As one saying goes, "Be over-prepared; then go with the flow." We cannot control everything but we can produce a more favorable positive result if we train our minds to anticipate different scenarios. At sunset, after everything has been done & a lot has occurred, what counts is how we reacted.

Be vigilant; something's moving everyday.

Be vigilant; something's moving everyday.


I’m warning you all

Be at your four-cornered walls

For tonight I shall fall

Nothing can tame my anger; this is my last call.

My heavy drops shall cover you

Where you’re going you’ll have no clue

At your heels I shall pursue

I hope you’ve prepared before the full moon.

I’m just like all of you

There’s something I have to do

As I am part of the picture too

To pass by and say goodbye soon.

Look deep into the nature and then you will understand everything better.

— Albert Einstein

© 2019 Jillian Talavera

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