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My Heartbeat

My Heartbeat - is a narrative love poem which expresses the true feeling of the heart to the ears of it's lover. Explore in true feelings..

Love Grow Like a Baby

Love grow like a baby

Love grow like a baby

Love Sounds Like a Music To The Heart

"My Heartbeat"

Precious music echoes in my ears

With stretched hand to hold to still my fears

Wondering pleasure my heart felt

Sweet dream lit'up my heart beat

Heard your loving footsteps in the deepest night

With treasured hope forever bright

Brightest love of ours, a gift from high

Gentlest sweetest of an angelic touch

Like a miracle of tiny feet

Born of one single precious beat

You sang in me a sweetest little song

My heart to yours will ever belong

But first day our eyes fell in love

I was unable to utter half a dozen word

My knees fairly smoke together

Till thoughts drift smoking by, a step drew us closer

But now this final bond, this tie so sure

From our sweet love so strong & pure

Someday to my ears you 'll whisper softly while the kids sleep

Telling me all our love has always & ever keep

Chiemerie Ozurumba2020

© 2020 Adorable Pen