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Happy Valentines Day Baby


Happy Valentines Baby

You're my husband, and my lover, your my best friend too.

No one in the world can take the place of you.

You've been with me in my darkest hours,

when I need you you're always there. You go out of your way to

show me that you care.

Over the years we've had some hard times, but you always

stood by me, letting me know you're strength was also mine.

You are my forever and I love you so.

You're my always and forever and I'll never let you go.

Baby on this special day I just want say how much you mean

to me and I love you more each day.

So Happy Valentines Day Baby,

I just want you to know , you are my whole world and you have my heart,

no one or nothing can tear us apart.

Happy Valentines Day Baby. I love you !