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Halloween Costumes


Halloween costumes.

The crazier you are the better,

I do not mind if you are scary either, it is allowed

On this day, men and women clad in unthinkable attires,

Colorful or not the statement has to be made.

The costumes conceal our identity,

mine is a Godzilla jumpsuit,

not even my mum can identify me in a group spot on,

Like me, the majority of my friends are dressed in their favorite comic characters.

My dad, the head of the family,

He has his lion jumpsuit on,

He is the head of the family like the lion is in the jungle,

He looks funny, I cannot stop giggling every time I see him.

My mum, a total contradiction to what I expected,

She chose not to wear a full-body jumpsuit,

Her’s is a duck head hat,

Every effort to make Halloween day successful.

© 2019 Jeremiah Onyango

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