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Halloween Dilemma


To Wear Or Not To Wear

Being of a certain vintage

When you had to make your own.

To decide upon a costume

Would sometimes make you groan.

Last year I was a cowboy.

A pirate the year before.

What can I be this year?

What Ideas can I explore?

Some costumes in my childhood,

would now cause controversy.

They were worn with total innocence,

but today are not PC.

Fast forward now to present day.

The choices are much more.

But the fun you get from dressing up,

is just like it was before.

We now have the fancy-dress shops.

There’s plenty to bemoan.

To get your kids a costume,

you need a pay day loan.

They have everything in there you need.

Imagination is supressed.

They kit you out from head to toe,

I’m feeling quite depressed.


Now I know my costume.

I’ve found the perfect fit.

I will just dress as myself,

and be a grumpy old git.

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