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The Gift Of Nature

An engineer-to-be trying to find solace and solitude in writing.


Oh how lovely the morning is,
Fair and frosted, like the Edelweiss...
Betwixt the clouds, the Sun emerges
Devoid of all his hue,
And with that..
Glistens every droplet, glistens every dew.

The sky looks enticing, in all his azure
Just like a bonbon, that I'd like to devour
The clouds above, seem to be in much harmony,
Whose very glimpse, dissolves all anguish, all agony..

Tender trees, with the breeze they sway,
And with them, carry all dust away.
The sun-kissed leaves- Oh! how they gleam,
Makes me merrier, than any sweet dream.

And here I sit, gazing at this sight
Only to realize,
Mornings are just as pretty as any moonlit night..
Who, but nature, has the power to heal,
A broken heart, deprived of it's ability to feel.

My soul shrieks in solace, my mind's all whimsical,
Well, what can i say..
The gift of nature is indeed mystical..

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