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Ghosts from the Past

Lora loves sharing her insights and life experience through the medium of writing whether it is a poem, story, or essay.


Ghosts from the Past

I gaze at the open meadow…
and I hear the voices of children
as they run through the poppy fields
with arms outstretched to catch the butterflies.

There's a little girl playing
dress-up in a backyard.
She is a world-famous actress.
Giving a speech to her captivated audience,
she pauses to take a breath and revels
in the feeling of such adulation.

An awkward teenager is
going out on her first date;
daring to kiss a boy,
she wonders if he will ask her out again.
Fearing that her parents might detect
the blush on her face...
she lingers outside till he has gone away.

A young woman is
setting off on an uncertain course
in hopes of discovering her purpose in life.
She still sees the face of the young man
she was so smitten with…
but they were forced to part ways,
on that fateful day.
In her heart, she harbors a wish
their paths might cross again...
but destiny often makes other plans
than the one we would choose for ourselves.

A mother to be is
filled with the anticipation
of her child soon to be born...
It isn’t long before he takes his first steps
and on the first day of school,
she reluctantly turns to go...
knowing that she must relinguish a part of him,
as he grows.

A child becomes a caregiver
to a beloved parent;
every day, draws nearer
to the time when they must part.
Taking her hand in hers,
she whispers, “I love you,"
before she is gone from this earth.

Now, an aging grandmother,
looking at her grandchildren
and seeing her life in retrospect,
I hug them with with a sense of urgency
that life demands...
as if for the last time.

The ghosts of the past merge with the present,
and somethings change
while others remain constant.
Life is transient, fleeting;
we have little time...
and I, too, will become
only memories to those
whom I leave behind.
Let me grasp the moment in... daylight
before the solitude of night.

-Lora Hollings


Cherish The Day

Cherish the days, the moments spent with loved ones, the beauty that is around you, and memories that brought you joy and wisdom.

Time is Like A River



What is this Beautiful Music called Continuum?

What is the Continuum?

To me, it tells a story about our ancestors who came before us carving out a life in a new land and living in harmony with nature so that they could bring forth more life into their new world... sharing their joy, the new knowledge that they acquired, and their love. This continuum is a sacred gift that we’ve been given to go forth in our lives and acquire new knowledge and insight illuminating the path of those who will come after us… so that with each new generation, greater knowledge and wisdom will bring forth a better life and world for those generations who come after us.

The repetition of the chords played by a combination of wind and string instruments represents the continuation of generations as a constant while the voice of the violin represents change and progress; change as we acquire more knowledge which leads to new discoveries and ways of thinking. Hopefully, we will continue to move forward embracing a higher ethic in our treatment of others.

We are the proud descendants from those who loved freedom to the point that they were willing to fight for it and give their lives for it. A nation who is proud to be made up of immigrants who also bravely fought for the cause of freedom and whose wonderful contribution to our diverse culture cannot be denied. Our strength as a Nation is built on our Democratic principles of governing with fairness and equality. “With Malice Toward None, With Charity For All." We cannot become oblivious to the important lessons we acquired from history if we are to remain a Democracy and stand strong in what we value most and the legacy that we will pass on to future generations.


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© 2018 Lora Hollings