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Ever since I knew nights wouldn't be good without you but instead of moving away and never risking the chance of getting together with the lonely once the universe decides to take you out of my life, I took the leap.

I free fall-ed my way to you—no harness, no parachute. Basically it's just me with no precaution, boycotting the safety procedures, not even thinking about how to land.

So I fell, broke my bones, my heart and myself.

It's not your fault I jumped. It's not on you to rush and save me. I knew you won't be there but I just wanted to know or perhaps see,

"if ever you saw me falling would you free yourself to catch me"?

To fall is hard and so is to get up when you either can't feel anything at all or you can feel everything at once. that was by far the worst fall and night of my life.

I won't say nights would be better have I not met you but rather they would be if had you—

if I have you.

You put the good in goodnight,
and took it with you at goodbye.

© 2019 Gabriela Veronica

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