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The Future Is Now

Adorable creative Pen still shape lives into meaning; i write to inspire.

No One See You On Fence Of Dismay


The World Don't See Failure

Adorable Pen

"The Future Is Now"

No one see you

When you 're lost in the crowd

Dressed in tawdry of your shadow

& bond to flaws of your past

No one see you

When you 're espoused to your fear

Live in shade of inferiority complex

& hedged by allies of mediocrities

No one see you

Sitted with comfort on the fence of dismay

Run round a circle in despair

When one more step can accomplish a journey of thousand miles

The world don't see failure

It took pleasure in fulfilment

Of dreams, aptitudes & desires

Success the only language it philosophized

Then why still sat there?

In your comfort zone of complains

When you can do your best

Haven't you heard?, the rich was once poor

Why take life with all it bring?

When you can shape life to your best suit

What happened to your mind?

Your puissant creative ability

Now is the perfect time for the future

Picture it, create it, give it a meaning

In your mind, where your success journey begin

& take a bold walk into reality

Remember, if you haven't get to the peak

The world will never see you.

Chiemerie Ozurumba 2020.

© 2020 Adorable Pen