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Freedom of Prejudice

Lisa Marie Mottert writes Poetry, children's stories and articles. Lisa resides in Virginia with her beloved husband, Ken, and their 4 pe

Freedom of Prejudice

Fly to the downy marshmallow cloud

ring the bell with thunderous exaltation

eat from the same plate of fruit and wine

equality lingers without hesitation

divine intervention placed gracefully

oval rings crown each brow

majestic acceptance of diversity

obscurity of the serpent is visible

fallible wilting, blooming rose of love

Pearls spewed from dagger tongues

robust appetite to sew good will

eve is upon the brazing cold waves

jovial transformation takes domain

unicorn singing and prancing about

deers frolic in sugared snow

icy spews, velvety flavors

climbing the mountain of love and equality

ever lasting peace, hatred no more

-Lisa Marie Mottert

December 6, 2021