For Our Own Reality

Updated on May 4, 2018

Our Own Reality

Updated on April 18, 2018

Cally L Sumpter is a wife, mother, and business owner in Arvada Colorado. She is a certified spiritual healer and Reiki practitioner.

A poem of Epiphany

In the end, there can be happiness

As through life there found divine

Know what is altogether

Everything can bring peace

All there ever has to be

In every desire, a lesson learned

But to remember

Bringing it forthcoming

This is in every conclusion

All ends meet eventually

Birth learning Death lessons Rebirth studies

The beginning story The End

See up Watch down

Wakeful Sleeplessness

Short start Long finish

Real is for one person to live

Differences in each life as belief's

Doesn't mean they aren't following realism

Everyone's path's winds along in many routes

Never the same as another

Accept their life path

Every occurrence an adventure

Daily nightly dreamy messages

Relax slow motion

Listen carefully open love

Compassion doorway

Heartwarmer alright to feel great

To speak to the child within

Let innocence know

"I am safe" "I am at peace" "I am beautiful"

Opposite negative thoughts

Why follow sad angry darkness

When there Within patiently waits

For sleepy eyes see

Deaf ears finally listening


Becoming Our Own Reality.

Accepting that every person has their own reality and path of life can help accept the roller coaster of life. There are different kinds of focus thinking, meditation, and thinking we can practice in order to achieve a stress-free life, allowing us to continue on our road to success.

"Everything is a gift of the universe--even joy, anger, jealously, frustration, or separateness. Everything is perfect either for our growth or our enjoyment." Ken Keyes Jr.

Blow up your negative emotions

To choose our own reality is to bring in bring in happiness even if there is more sadness, anger, confusion or other emotion. Feel the emotion, change the energy around the emotion and bring in happiness, peace, tranquility or another nice feeling into your space. Put the emotion into a colorful balloon, send it out to the universe. Somewhere far, far, away. Then blow it up!


Feel the negative emotion, really feel it for a few seconds and then let it go.

Change the negative energy into positive!

This is a great focus technique and takes some practice. What you are learning to do is teaching your brain to overcome depression, anxiety or other issues and not allowing your brain to control how you act feel or do. This technique is from the heart and your spirit.

As the negative energy is released, ask the spiritual nature of the Universe to change it into positive energy for the world. If you have a specific situation or person that can use some positive energy, ask for it to be sent to them!

You may have to do this quite a few times in order to really feel the negative issue leave your body. Sit in a quiet place until you can focus on this technique readily. Soon, you'll be able to release anything negative you may encounter, even in a noisy public place. "To reach such an awareness that which we can attain where even on the brink of darkness we can always change our awareness and seek enlightenment. " -Cally L Sumpter


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