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For All The Girls Out There

Jinky is a poem, letter, and an art lover person. She is not good at expressing her emotions that is why she writes.

Ugly, Fat, Black

The most hurtful words for a girl


How are you?

Are you hurt?
Are you devastated?
Are you feeling down?
Girl, I know,
You are empty right now!
People are so judgmental,
They called you black!
They called you fat!
They called you idiot!
And yes it hurts, it really hurts,
But you cannot fight back,
because they are perfect, and you’re not!
You are crying alone,
in the midst of your emotion,
No one was there for you to lean on,
But girl remember, that life goes on,
and you don’t have to deal with depression.
Love yourself, that is the step,
And most especially don’t compare,
Because orange is different from yellow,
And both possessed a different kind of glow,
So stand up and proceed with your show,
Because God made you, for a reason.
When you finally know your worth,
No words could ever defeat you.
Because being perfect, means being you!
So remember Girls!
We are strong!

Smile, always be happy. Keep you head up high.


© 2018 Jinky Marie Manalo

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