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Cherished Change in Mood

Jillian works both in the academic & administrative section in O.B Montessori where she facilitates lab sessions & monitors CASA to Grade 6.

A glimpse at the sidewalk

Often we find ourselves in the middle of mental fatigue that we forget to look at the periphery of our journey to see the beauty of simplicity and to hear the laughter of the purest creatures on Earth: children.

"Let kids be kids" -Neil deGrasse Tyson

"Let kids be kids" -Neil deGrasse Tyson

Furious drops from the sky

Empty spaces to fill up

Swinging up and down

Yesterday’s voice still clear and loud.

Today comes the chants, the moods

Keeping away the blues

A brush of bright hues

A flicker like the full moon.

The eyes full of delight

Every glimpse of a smile

A brief simple sight

Reminds this is worth the fight.

Happiness is... seeing your kids happy.

— Cute Happy Quotes

© 2018 Jillian Talavera

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