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If he starts to hide from you, won't speak to you, ignore you, and leave you; talk to him once and if he won't listen, don't speak again. Pack your strength and courage, throw him out of your baggage.

— Shing Araya

Heat from underneath,
fire has become my breath.
I need air to fill my lungs,
calmness to cease the angst.

So, freedom is what you asked?
go, get it at once!
stay not,
if it's not me you want.

You tore my skin,
long lost along with whim.
the pain's blazing,
the ground's breaking.

Speak not,
for even my death,
won't stop you from
doing what you want.

My wrists are bloody from the cuts,
then you walked away,
careless, speechless,
you left me with emptiness.

Now, there's fire inside of me.
a never-ending flame,
a burning realm,
a scorching shame.

It used to be,
a picture of you and me.
until it turned out to be,
a lonely picture of me!

There ain't no flame in between us,
no warm embraces!
only cuts and bruises,
loud voices, and punches!

Our reflections changed.
I saw someone else,
she ain't me,
he ain't you.

She ain't happy,
he ain't jolly.
so I let go of your pinky,
can't let you stay with me.

My heart hurts,
because we were lost.
my flesh 're burning,
my eyes 're crying.

But, my tears
they don't matter to you.
you just let me feel blue,
and sleep solo.

Freedom it is,
pain becomes your bliss.
I longed for your kiss,
to the wind, I wished.

Let this flame,
burn my emotions.
let the fire,
blaze our memories.

© 2019 Shing Araya

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