"You Can Do Better" (Ode to Every Girl Child)

Updated on August 13, 2020
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Hardwork is a journey for all with no gender difference. So board on, now is the perfect time, you can do far better than a male child.

What a Male Child Can Do a Female Child Can Do Better

Ode to Every Girl Child

Adorable Pen

"You Can Do Better" (Ode to Every Girl Child)

What if you had wings
Would you love to fly?
What if you can fly
How far can you go?

Sitting & waiting for a man to come
Is it all you can do?
You tried & failed
Wouldn't you love to try again?

They 've told you & you believed
That a girl child destiny ends in the kitchen
They told you hardwork is a continuous daily journey
Only fits for the male child shoe

Then, you took in those words, let them feed your mind
Losing your ability & gradual let your dream sink
Now you earger to settle down even at eighteen
Cuz, you assumed that's just everything girl child fate

Yes, marriage is sweet & adorable
But, there is more you can achieve before going in
Don't deprive yourself a golden chance to a better life & self dependent
Self discovery & breaking limits

Hardwork is a journey for all
With no gender difference
So board on, now is the perfect time
You can do far better than a male child

It's just your believe, how far you can see
You can be more than just a house wife
Give yourself to the best of knowledge
Still, choose a field & let your hand be perfect at it

You can be a doctor, a lawyer, even great hair stylist
An engineer, a writer, even a fashion designer
A caterer, a governor, a poet, president, to name but few
Only change your thought & let your mind see possibilities

The world always await the risen of great women
Who can stand the ground & cause the world go round
When they said, what a man can do a woman will do better
It's never an assumption phrase, but a certain truth

So break every limit, do not be mislead
Shut your heart against all odd
But embrace the truth of self made billionaire
Cuz even as a girl child you can breakthrough

N:B; Every girl child need to stand on her feet & draw herself to her full height, say no to early marriage out of fustration or want, make her voice count, there is more to life than settling for the less..

Chiemerie Ozurumba 2020

© 2020 Adorable Pen


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    • Adorable Pen profile imageAUTHOR

      Adorable Pen 

      5 weeks ago from Onitsha

      Thank you all...

    • Dannyb-Dev profile image

      Daniel Idowu 

      5 weeks ago from Lagos, Nigeria.

      Yes! Never let feminity be an impediment to attaining greatness.

      Well articulated!

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 

      5 weeks ago from Queensland Australia

      I like the message and advice you give to young women here. Yes, they can achieve whatever they set their mind to and achieve great things.


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