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Class 2015

Jillian finished her BS degree in Biology with an undergraduate thesis on Medical Microbiology at the University of the Philippines Diliman.

Paths crossed

They say people who pass into our lives come and go. But choosing to keep the memories alive we had with one another is our decision. We don't always have to let go. We simply have to understand that we all have different paths to take; in the end, the universal thread will always weave us together.

From the fountain of excellence, passion and service

From the fountain of excellence, passion and service

It's time for goodbye's

Sorry, can’t help but cry

Those happy and blissful times

Will be forever in my mind.

Answering equations together

Reviewing the exam’s answers

Exchanging gifts during December

Are just some I’ll always remember.

Clubs and thrilling competitions

Excuse letters and make-up exercise sessions

Class loads during school year registration

Are my album’s main attractions.

Lining for hours to pay school fees

Experiencing our first ever move type exam at the laboratory

Publishing our very first theses

Tons of fun and struggles that brought us to tears.

Now it’s time to leave

There’s a future still to weave

In this small world where we live

One day we’ll meet again, you and me.

"The best friendship is one where there's a mutual understanding of the fact that we both have our own lives so we won't be able to talk or hang out all the time but when we do talk or hang out, it's like picking up right where we left."


© 2018 Jillian Talavera

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