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Feeling A Little Bit Off

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A Few Trips To The Bathroom

Looking at the wall

Then at the toilet paper roll

Then back at the wall

My wife's stomach turning

Wondering to herself

What brought this on?

Off to work in a bit

Trying to stick it out

To see my wife not feeling well

Leaves a husband helpless

I try to give her words of encouragement

Maybe today will be an easy day

They sometimes have dash

Where they let people leave early

Maybe you can get through half the day

Then if they have dash

Take it

You don't get any sick time back until next week

Be strong

Stick it out

My wife went down for a half an hour nap

Hoping to help her

Sometimes it makes it even worse

It might be a twenty-four bug

She slept good last night

Seven hours sleep

It is one of those things

We both try to eat healthy

It looks like it is going to be a nice day

Welcome to a lovely Saturday

So many people have weekends off

We both have Wednesday and Thursday off

We have been doing it for so long

The weekends are just another day

I thought maybe it was the milk

It still had a few days left before it expires

I finished it off

With a little cereal

It tastes fine

Sometimes it can cause your stomach to be upset

We will have to wait to see how this day develops

We are both blessed

We are really healthy all year

I feel for so many other people that get sick often

That takes real courage

Waking up on a daily basis

Doing all the things you have to do

At the same time

Not letting the sick feeling get to you

© 2022 DREAM ON

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