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Mystery House

Enjoy writting from time to time mostly in winter days when rainy weather helps..


In the forest not far from sea,
There is a house i'd like you to see.
Take this road and dont look back.
The moon and stars will bring you luck.

In case you 're lost, breath some air
Whisper a prayer and throw back your hair.
Touch the ground , listen the sounds,
Of living creatures that walk around.

Once you are near you' ll get a smell,
From a lemon garden not far from hell.
Enter the gate, follow the light,
There will be music for you tonight.

A dancing lady will lead you in.
She looks so pretty and same time mean.
Join her dance , ignore her screams
She is the one who comes in your dreams.

Drink from her wine, look her straight in the eyes.
They say that she is evil ,but those are just lies.
And when this is over and the music is dead,
Grab her hands strong and lead her to bed.

Then she will ask you for a story to hear.
She needs to feel safe, throw away every fear.
Travel with her into fantasy worlds.
With deamons and dragons ,great warriors with swords.

...In the forest not far from sea
There is a house you belong to be...

I wish you my friend your life to be bright
Enjoy every moment the same as this night.