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Fairytale Poetry

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Alyssa is an avid reader, writer, and coffee enthusiast. She loves sharing thoughts, ideas, and creative writings with the world.


As I shared previously, I'm taking the summer to clean up my social media and determine the path forward. The following are a few more creative pieces that I think deserve to be published. The overarching theme is fairytale. Most of these were written for a creative writing challenge on Instagram.

I'm particularly proud of these pieces and I hope you enjoy them.


The rabbit taps his watch

Sir, patience is a virtue

"What would you know about that,"

he responds sarcastically to my thought.

The bells are ringing,

"Off with her head!"

Late to my own funeral?


I have a tea party to attend.


Crown of thorns

placed on my head,

but nothing lasts forever.

I'm reminded of this sentiment

every time I gaze into the looking glass.

She's coming

one day soon

to take my place.


Long strands of silk

reflect in the mirror;

beauty and identity


A moments pause

for the envious looks

and harsh whispers,

the doting eyes

and soft caresses.

No one is ever truly happy.

Sharp blades

slice through

severing the thought.

A smile peeks out

from the looking glass

and euphoria takes over

with a wink.


Time is a cruel god —

stealing from the old

to give to the young.


We left it

in the sun

to weather

and fade.


The illusion of love:


and corroded in rust.


Wits and cunning

are the gods here.


Past ghosts and demons

break out of their prison,

a reminder of true power.

Reclaiming the night,

taking up all the old haunts.

What I wouldn't give

for the comfort of endless falling

or being chased by a laughable horror.

Because, you see,

they don't just exist

in that land of dreams;

The most terrifying beings

breathe and live on

to reign during the day.


© 2022 Alyssa

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