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The Multiple Faces Every Person Has

Louwelyn started writing poems since third grade. Writing has always been and will always be her passion and source of inspiration.

Every person shows different faces depending on the person they are with, the feelings they have at the moment and the impression they want to show to other people.


Just before you tour the world you put on your first mask.

The mask that hides your flaws and insecurities inside.

A surge of confidence then brings you at your feet.

Because you know you're covered and won't accept defeat.

Before you go to work, the first mask that you wear,

is securely fastened tightly and leave no room to spare.

Every person that you meet see you as if you're proud.

But the person and the real you is crying hard inside.

Then you leave your work, and leave pretensions behind.

But before you took a step, you put the second mask on hand.

All the insecurities at work was suddenly then concealed,

because the mask that you are wearing is very tightly sealed.

When you enter your house, you tried to flash a big smile.

Your family then sees you as if you're very fine.

The insecurities at work slowly fades away.

Because the second mask has put them at the bay.

After all the dramas, you then went to your room.

The face that was hidden is now seen but in gloom.

The second mask you wore, you then put it aside.

Your real face uncovered which seemed so very tired.

As you look in the mirror, the real you was seen.

Tears started falling because of all the pain.

You are wearing the mask to hide who you really are.

But that mask cannot shield you from all the pain inside.

The one you brought to the world is the first face that you wear.

The one you wore at home is the second face you bear.

But when the masks were lifted the third face was revealed.

A person seems to have three faces to deceive.

Of all the three faces, the last one shows the truth.

The reflection of the real you without the hidden routes.

Though it was rarely seen because the only one who sees,

Is you and you alone when you choose to feel the breeze.

© 2018 Louwelyn Luistro Andal