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“The Snake”

The Snake



The Snake.

At first I thought it was a sickness,
a depraved mind, diseased body,
scarred soul.

My life represented by the deeds
and actions of a shell, an image of me.
My life controlled, witnessed by warm hands bound,
now an observer.

I start to lose the transition, of who and what,
the beginning of lost individuality,
two becoming one.

It consumes my entirety,
laps at my suffering,
stroking my mind,
devouring my soul,

it taunts me and traps me, blinds my eyes,
it eliminates hope!
It becomes what i most hate,
the darkness...
my reality collapsing!

You’re beautiful they say,
there’s something about you they say,
but all they see is the lies it creates,
deception weaved with melancholy
and strife.

You don’t see me, I’m trapped,
locked within, a prisoner in my own flesh!

I tried to cut myself out once,
to rid myself of this entity...
but it saved me…
only to hold me close to the evil it breeds!

My companion since childhood...
is it me...
is it you?
I want to scream!!!

I am so confused, so lost within this maze,
no way out, no peace, no reprieve!
I have to watch as each messenger of love
is turned away...
i am not in control! i cannot give chase!

Hurt by me? Hurt by you?
I don’t know what’s true!!!
I can’t call for help, who will listen...
eyes of judgement
would return my pleas!

He’s insane they say…
lost his mind...
lock me up is their solution...
but what they don’t know...
is I’ve been imprisoned…
since I’ve been aware!

Help me, help you,
to release this madness.
Please listen to my scream!!!
Look deep into my eyes...
and penetrate my soul...

See beyond what you think and believe,
please open your eyes...
witness my struggle to be free!!!

For behind these actions,
behind this hate,
behind the darkness,
I still wait.

Free me please...
I’m starting to lose my faith...

I’ve lost my strength...

my will to fight,

I’m dying inside...

I feel so fake...

Oh God...
Oh please...

Help me eradicate..
the Snake!

Chris Rowe