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A Certain Hope

In her 4 years as a BS Biology student, 1 year as a poultry supervisor & as a lab custodian, Jill is no stranger to episodes of mood swings.

Our Basic Needs

Losing it unexpectedly in an instant can happen to anyone for reasons not all of us can understand. In this fast-paced world, eyes that understand and ears that simply listen are actually all we need to have a reason to move forward.

Trust; you're not alone.

Trust; you're not alone.

Who's to tell

That all will be well

There’re struggles everyday

A fight that comes our way.

No one can really assure

That there’s even a cure

For heartaches and blues

To forgive, to move forward; that’s all we can do.

How far we may go

There will always be a path to follow

Endless, sometimes blinding

Uncertain, yet worth taking.

No one may guarantee

That everything will come easy

Know there will always be something

Or someone who’ll wipe away the tears.

Pay attention to people who care. Who are always there. Who want better for you. They're your people.

— PowerofPositivity

© 2018 Jillian Talavera

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