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Disney Tales

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Let’s talk about Cinderella’s glass shoe. Godmother said it fits perfectly, but what happened out of the blue? It fell off while she’s running hastily.

Snow White’s first kiss, it was the start of her bliss. But why would you kiss someone in a coffin that is being preserved by seven naughty men?

Let’s clap for Ariel! Who left her home for someone. Someone who made her get out of her shell and made her think outside world is fun.

Aurora always had her beauty, though 100 years of sleeping peacefully. Only being disturbed by a king who buys her diamond ring.

Now let’s talk about Belle, who fell in love with a beautiful beast. Helped him get out of the spell that made him cheer for a feast.

They made us believe in happily ever after. Never fall for it or you’ll deeply regret. As Elsa told her lovely sister, don’t fall in love with a person you just met.

But it doesn't mean you can trust someone you know for so long. Power can be so blinding, power can break a bond so strong. Ask Maleficent, she'll say the same thing.

Young ones always loved fairytales, dreaming of impossible fantasy. Those perfectly imperfect details, I just can't help but think of it.

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