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My Trip to the Army

My name is Amin. I love writing the truth more than fiction


In the days of youth
We were born in the seventies
We felt that we had a homeland
A strong homeland we took
He was making us heroes
And we walk in our alleyways
Learn where to blow cigarettes
And dream of a little dream
A car house and a princess of dreams
In a small village
There are not many opportunities
And I can only write
Writing is weak
Nothing beautiful in them
Only patriotism
The obsession of his name is the love of a homeland
I wish his service
And he smote her in the television before me
Picture of soldiers training
The picture stuck in the head of my head
Surrounded by a song about the army
I could hear her day and night
After I was transferred from school
To practical life
I can continue learning
And of course I carried my bag
To the Officers' School. Communications
They welcomed us with the best welcome
And then hardship and insult and training
But it is not as in the picture
And not as in the song
And a national as a homeland
I still dream about him and the little dream

© 2019 tabouche amin

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