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]Disturbed... [Indestructibly]>[word not found]

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Yes, I'm sure you've heard..

or seen..

or saw..

...try living with it every day...

..and then try to sit there and do nothing...



sitting softly, built a wall..

lofting.. only to feel, speeding winds fall..

and on this fall he saw a ball.. his ball.. bouncing off played grounds walls..

recessed echos and whistles call..

its time, time to learn(11:39)learn from thoughts...

think about what is being said.. you can not say cannot..


go, Go GO... never, get, caught..

its time, time 2 move jewels joules..

power up, clear... renew,

life alive- thats right, left, can bee true...

a hand.. held, yell... scream.. do anything... just helping.. bring glue... bo-boo's.. made anew

anyone, anywhere... yes even you-

nobody left behind... bring him too...

human family rally, the time is now!!! not a minute late- punctuality matters[Kniss], lesson learned- Thank You

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