My First Crush

Updated on April 14, 2018
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Since I was a 6th grader in my elementary years, I used to believe I was a writer in my past life and became an author. I think I am now.

My Cutest Experience Ever

First, second or third crush?
Ranks won't even matter..
Coz when you feel it,
It'll burst you into laughter

Four, fifth, or Sixth crush?
Who's in a rush?
That's what you call attraction
Unexplainable reaction

Seven, Eight, nine or ten?
You'll never know when would it end
How happiness overflows
Within your soul coz it just shows

Started with a smile, sadness go away
Just for a while, let a happy soul stay
Having a crush keeps heartbeat fast
It melts your heart and wishing it would last..

© 2018 Dearest Love


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