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Dance In The Rain

Everyone fall in love but only few can express the content of their heart to the love they found. This poem will help you express yourself.

Dancing In The Rain - An Act Of Love

A dance in the rain - Act of love

A dance in the rain - Act of love

Rain Of Words - Act Of Love

Adorable Pen

"A Dance In The Rain"

Like the sun gone behind the cloud

Ready to cause the sky to weep

So the contents of my heart

Drip like rain of words to you

It has gotten to it's brim, gone beyond limit

Can't hold back anymore so i let go all within

With sincerity of hearts & truth of words

Together i thought we can climb mountains with ease & smiles

The more i fought this feeling, how fast i've fallen

The deeper i sink in this warm ocean

With this emotion that has grew to love

& a single leaf fell to the ground twirled to a mighty forest

But, i searched through your heart

Then found it cloaked with kisses

From a strange man who stole it

& gone into the air with the keys

But, have you got the spare? I plead

Even the windows locked from within

A spare to door of your heart

Cuz i'm finding my way into to settle

Please, don't leave me knocking in vain

Open, i've come to give & not to take

Say yes to the best wishes of my dear heart for us

So together we 'll have a dance in the rain

------- I Love You --------

© 2020 Adorable Pen