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Curtains of Mischief Tears


I love to write poems and I enjoy everything that's poetic because poetry is always soothing and perfect for the soul.

Room suffocated by thorns and webs,

And curtains of mischief tear off the stars,

Lazy strands on the faded quilt.

Bad frozen weather obscuring the sunrise.

Bed of misery in the midst of darkness.

Dry pillow that no love has visited.

Strange thoughts make me homeless.

Peace flies away leaving its place to my cries.

The moon awaits its guardian lighting the light.

Leading the lost to a clearer dream,

And the night tries to take off its black cloak.

So that the crow can carry it later.

A wandering world like me, losing and anguished.

Heartbroken in the wind waiting for the past.

Staggering present and future without lanterns,

Everything is messy, everything is faded and dull.

Your absence has caused me boredom and dread,

Every night, everything moans, the bed and the cold sheet.

And I await your return and the shine of our days,

Here there is only room for love!

© 2021 Zeenat


Zeenat (author) on September 30, 2021:

Thank a lot, Misbah

Misbah Sheikh from The World of Rebels. on September 30, 2021:

Zeenat, amazing work with this one. I especially liked the line: “Peace flies away leaving its place to my cries.“ you play with words so beautifully.


Zeenat (author) on September 29, 2021:

Thank you, Pamela. I appreciated!

Zeenat (author) on September 29, 2021:

Thank you, Maryam!

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on September 29, 2021:

This is an interesting poem, Zeenat. Thank your sharing it.

Maryam Fatima from Pakistan on September 28, 2021:

Your wait ends soon.

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