Updated on November 6, 2017

Spike Lee

Production Company: 40 Acres and a Mule filmworks  Movies he has produced: 35 films since 1983
Production Company: 40 Acres and a Mule filmworks Movies he has produced: 35 films since 1983


TROY CARMICHEAL and his family.
Lived in a large and popular city.
Popular in the state of New York.
With his father WOODY holding the fort.
Struggling but they always made it.
In a neighborhood with colorful faces.
With a neighbor that was always singing.
TONY WISE, who accuses the kids of throwing.
Throwing their trash in the area.
While he yells, a former soldier.
Sees Tony yelling at his neighbors.
He hits Tony in the face.
Then is interested and placed.
In the back of a police car.
While his father and his mom.
Argue about their money.
She feels he's not appreciating.
So she ends up resenting him.
CAROLYN says he's secretly funding.
Funding his solo music career.
Before the house, he holds that dear.
Meanwhile, their son Clinton.
Is watching the Knicks playing.
His mom said can't on a school night.
That results in a huge fight.
Carolyn throws woody out the house.
Eventually, lets him back in the house.
They lose their electricity.
Forcing the tenants and heir family.
They later head down south.
Troy is staying down south.
With her family relatives.
Aunt son and Uncle Clem.
Having fun with VIOLA.
Who is their adopted daughter?
Later, Troy goes home.
Finds bad news when she's home.
Carolyn has cancer.
Troy steps up as the big sister.
She takes over the motherly role.
Her mom passes and she takes control.
At the funeral, they remain together.
Troy takes it all in.
But breaks down in the end.

Delroy Lindo
Woody Carmicheal
Alfre Woodard
Carolyn Carmicheal
Zelda Harris
Troy Carmicheal

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