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Crime and Racism

why do we still have some much hate for another race?

why do we use color as a barrier?

why with all the laws, technology, and spending millions of hard cash, we still find crime is on the increase...


Crime and Racism

the world has seen many races,

people of all colors and places,

many different faces...

wars came down history,

look at ancestry,

all part of my tree...

wars brought out the good and the bad,

it led people like mad.

it created persons who were sad...

its offshoot is criminals,

who like animals,

roam the streets,

instead of bricks and sticks,

they use guns and knives.

the world is a battleground for terror,

just in the middle east and see the horror...

man is forced to flee,

what is to be?

the bombs rain clouds of dust,

destroying the past that must,

tell the world...

power is like cancer sucking the last drop,

a drop of life that breathes,

in times of need...

wealth is seen as a god,

man will do anything to gain it...

man use color, creed, and status,

to bend and bind another,

putting together,

a new form of racism,

racism is now a part of society,

started by the high and mighty...

for just ends and gain.

racism was meant to control,

to extol one race against another.

man uses color as a barrier,

a carrier of his message...

today we have open racism,

today persons are victimized based on race.

life is no longer what we see,

it's all about you and me...

walk the streets in some places,

you see people of all races,

yet some hold grudge against the other,

crime and hate is now part and parcel,

of one tree.

the tree that bears both crime and racism!!!

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