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I Finally Found My Missing Piece

You Make Me Smile Endlessly

I never want to leave this abyss of bliss. Wrap me up in your cool embrace, please give me a kiss.

You make me laugh without even trying. You cheer me up when I've been crying.

You listen to me when I need to vent. I'm not big on religion, but I think you're heaven sent.

We could talk for hours about conspiracies, shows & games. We could stay up all night thinking of our future & our child's names.

I never met someone so much like me. You keep me balance, you're what I need.

I know some days may get a little bad, but I'll always be here, no matter if you're happy or sad.

I'm glad I have you, my partner in crime. I'm glad we have Luna, our lil lemon with lime.

I know our last chapters in life haven't been the best, but I promise the next one will be an easy test.

I love you so much, & I know you love me too. You pick on me cause you care, I know that you do.

I know that forever may seem like a long time, but I think we hit the jackpot & that we will be fine. ♡

© 2021 Cassie Lynn