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Reviving the Rhythm

She's an introvert. But she decides to follow Peng Joon’s footsteps of being “an introvert playing an extrovert’s game.”

In a progressive state

We all cannot deny it: our lives are a collage of success and failure. Some lifts us, others bury us. But our existence as human beings is meant to be progressive. And our evolution to improvement can only be attained as we continuously learn from our shortcomings and reach for excellence everyday.

The beat of progress.

The beat of progress.

Fragile as it may seem

This heart still in a dream

Deep inside there’s a will

To finally break free.

Slowly strumming the chords

Tuning to revive something torn

Until new notes are born

Lifting this stirring storm.

Piecing up the timid tones

Carefully composing the next song

Moving towards the place called home

Spreading these wings, finally kicking off.

Life begins like a blank canvas. It begins blank. You decide how it’s written.

— Peng Joon

© 2018 Jillian Talavera

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