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Complaints of Your Teacup: A poem on Teacup

Just a poetic soul who is empathetic towards the non-living things and wants to express their feelings through poems.

Teacup Poem

I am An Angry Teacup

I am An Angry Teacup

We all love tea and our mood refreshes when we smell its sweet aroma. And when we take the first sip of the tea, a different kind of happiness is spread throughout our bodies. As a gesture of kindness, we do appreciate the tea instantly as soon as it touches our lips and tongue. But, have you ever thought about how that teacup would be feeling when you appreciate the tea in front of him?

Here is a poem stating the complaints made by the teacups that you must take care of, otherwise rebellion of the teacups might be on the way (haha).

Angry Teacup Poem


Hi, I am a teacup,
An employee of you,
Who take burns for you,
When you pour the tea into me.
But yet you never praise me,
Instead, you praise that tea.

I know your mornings and evenings are incomplete without that tea.
But how will you drink it without the help of me?
For, If it gives you energy,
I see that it reaches you properly.

Have you ever thought why your biscuit always drowns in the tea?
Well, it's me who pulls it from below,
So that you blame the tea from above.
But yet you say nothing to the wealthy tea,
Instead, you sip it along with the bits of the biscuit soul. How cruel can you be?

Why can't you learn gratitude from your wife or Monica from friends?
Who praises me and loves me more than that tea and you too.
For, if an accident happens while drinking that tea,
They will prefer tea to get spilled over you than for me to get broken into pieces.

What kind of person are you?
When I take scorching heat on me,
So that you can enjoy the wealthy taste of tea.

Hopping for you to appreciate me,
Next time when you drink that tea through me!



Teacup feels like an employee who never gets praise from you for his hard work. He is also jealous because you do favouritism (Be professional, dude). You will like the taste and smell of the tea, but would not appreciate the burns that the teacup takes for you (We all know how deadly the burn can be. So appreciate the teacup, dude!)

Tea indeed gives you energy in the mornings and evenings. But, it's the teacup that makes sure that the energy is not spelt but utilized properly.

You know what the teacup does to get your attention, the teacup crosses its limits and murders the biscuit by drowning it into him. But you still ignore him and drink the tea along with the pieces of biscuit (like seriously, how ignorant and cruel you can be)

In your house, the teacup is appreciated only by your wife and mother. So he wants you to learn something from them. And if not by them, then at least, you can learn from Monica of friends (Remember how chandler got scared when he broke the dishes as the dishes were more important than him to her?)

So let us just appreciate the teacup or anyone who does something good for you no matter big or small because a little kindness can make a huge difference.

© 2020 Prithviraj Shirole