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Poems About Depression and Love

Taking you to the depts of my anxiety with the empowerment of poetry.


Shame is known,

For you're all alone.

You came to save,

But became a slave.

Clue is none,

While price is ton.

Break free and you'll fall,

For the jump is too tall.

Crawl and you'll tumble down,

Just wait.

So you can escape.

Soul on Fire

Soul on fire

Feel the desire disappearing

Because your body is held down by hidden wires

For the friends you once held dear are all liars

Wanting to retire from the endless hell that was created,

Will last forever might as well just admire.

Tied to Lies

Bind to thy Earth,

These chains don't let me fly.

The pain and strains cause my veins to pop and shatter.

Why do my allies let me die?

They defy and say goodbye,

Just to let me cry.

Deny me if you will,

But I must warn you.

I am sly,

And will dig into you like a bot-fly.


You can only run so far before you fall,

For giving up is too simple.

Our nature is said to drive us to be with our love ones,

Yet I fight it.

I want to be happy,

But I can't trust how long it will last.

Doubt is what I run off of,

Love is what I hold onto,

Fear is what threatens me.

Yet, here I am avoiding everything.

Will I return or will I fade.

Let's just hope these feelings dissipate,

So my mind can finally rest.

© 2019 Jane Trowbridge

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