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Come Home Sparrow

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Heavy footsteps, they bound the ground. Not the footsteps of a forward man.

Booming voice to shatter fragile spirits,they cower in the corner, hiding from the light.Silent faces with broken eyes.

Hide away, be small for fear of sight.Once a protector, now terror-giver.

What happened to the lamb?The shadowed lion rent innocent flesh, broken, dusty bones remain.

Blow away~

Oh, little soul-chaser, where have you gone? Lost, you were lost to us ...

Merry eyes, the birds teased with Heaven's gaiety; now dull.

Seed strewn on salted ground.

Come back, come home, little sparrow.

Light here, on the breast of what they pierced.

Bloody soil, no longer fallow, you've had a journey, little one.

You're not an angel anymore~

Your feathers have shattered, wings are broken; your song, long-since forgotten.

Lay your head here, little one; rest now on hallowed ground.

I'll bathe you in holy oils.

From my lips, take a healing breath.

Rest now little sparrow; you are home, you are home.