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Color of My Life

A minister, editor, and a writer, Mark is working hard to develop a style that engages and inspires people from every corner of life.

large, terrifying, deep blue ocean wave

large, terrifying, deep blue ocean wave

The color of my life.

The color of my soul,

Isn’t the blue of the skies,

Or the color of the eyes.

It lies in the waves of the unforgiving sea,

Pounding me into its crushing depths.

It hums the loneliness of “Blue”,

Echoing the joyous sound of “Blue Christmas”.

It sails me away to Roy’s “Blue Bayou”,

To sit beneath the “Neon Moon.

The prism explodes into dazzling colors,

Only to reveal my deeply flawed and troubled soul.

It leads me into the paths of doubt and dismay,

Searching for my long-lost tail.

I am surrounded by a color I do not love,

But a color, I cannot hate enough.

For the color of my life,

The color of my soul,

Is a well worn and deeply faded

Shade of blue.

faded blue jeans

faded blue jeans

© 2022 Mark Lewis

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