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Christian Easter Poems for Children


Free Free Free

1st Child: CHRIST arose for you and me,

forever out of bondage.

Free free free (All children say these three words in unison)

2nd Child: FREE to tell His stories

throughout the land,

3rd Child: Free to tell the wonders

of His mighty hand,

Free free free (All children say these three words in unison)

4th Child: Free to play His music

in a christian band,

5th Child: Free to smile,

no worries,

just follow His plan,

Free free free (All children say these three words in unison)

6th Child: Free to sing His praises

as we fight and stand

7th Child: Free to know He loves us

like no other can.

Free free free (All children say these three words in unison)

Amen. (All children say this one word in unison)

Debbie T. Alsup.

(This poem was written for 7 (seven) young children to share. If you feel your child can easily learn more than two or three lines, then by all means encourage and challenge him or her to do so.

For one of our Christian Easter Poems for Children programs, one child memorized the 1st and 2nd position, another child took the 3rd and 4th position and a third child (a year older) memorized the 5th, 6th and 7th position.

The "Free free free" (all children say these three words in unison) lines can be preformed by 4 four or more little boys speaking these words in a bass voice. This will surely add extra smiles from your audience during this appreciative expressive occasion.

All of our children always performed wonderfully. There is no right or wrong way to perform this poetry selection. The children can memorize it, or read it. Their are so many variations. This all depends on you and your time frame.)

Easter Is Here

1st child: Easter is here. Jesus is risen.

2nd child: Amen Amen

3rd child: Sing songs of happiness. Jesus is risen.

4th child: Tell all the world every boy and girl.

5th child: Easter is here. Jesus is risen.

6th child: Redeemer Jesus is risen,

7th child: ! Resurrection and life,

8th child: ! Root of David,

9th child: ! Rose of Sharon

Easter is here. Jesus is risen! (All children say this in unison)

Debbie T. Alsup

(Make sure the children exit in an orderly fashion. Have them walk through or near the congregation (their teacher should direct them.)

Make sure they pass the roses out to at least two different areas of people in attendance. Having only a few flowers in their hands will make this task fun, fast and easy.

* If you decide to use this poem as the last performance on your program, your children can carry small baskets of roses and pass them out to an even larger number of parishioners. (Many people love to get flowers on Easter Sunday.)

This poem was written for 9 (nine) young children to share. All children can walk out on stage together.

(Each child wears or carries a poster board with one letter on it. and carries a few roses in one hand. The letters spell out the word EASTER.

Add three exclamation points (!!!) behind this word. Each exclamation point will also be on its own separate poster board. Your poster boards can be white or any pastel Easter colors (mix the colors as you see fit.).

Write out your letters professionally with heavy black markers. You may choose to make your letters from black construction paper or purchase already pre-cut letters from an office supply or craft store.

Your goal is to make your letters large enough to be seen and understood by any person sitting in the back row of the room, which you will be performing in.

Make sure the cardboard or poster board is not too large for the child to wear or carry so as not to cause him or her to trip or fall.)

Easter Egg Decorating Time!