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The Lion's Den

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Straight out of Baldock Hertfordshire. The Guest and the Ghost. Most known for his flows and selling this like a mine where I mine Coal!


Chivs86 Poetry - The Lions Den.

I was thrown into the Lions Den
My body got froze by Cryogenics
and where I woke up
was in a future like a Sci-Fi flick.

In where I felt sick
as everyone I knew
and ever loved was dead.
What they told me in my hospital bed.

So a few tears where shed
before they brought me up to speed on current world events.
On some of the things that I missed
throughout all these years frozen in stasis.

The year it was 3036 -
1000 & 20 years had passed since
after I had my accident.
In where I - I wasn't supposed to live.

Until I got saved by my rich relative
who payed for himself in the event
that if he ever did come that close to death,
and they couldn't save him right there and then.

He'd be frozen until a day that they could.
A day come when mankind's progress had took
them to a point in time when it looked
as if the science they was waiting for was understood.

To save a mans life like they never before could
something I never thought
in all likelihood
was possible
not even in comic books.
So to wake up in this place I felt shook!

And not just for the way that thing's looked
odd fashions aside the thing I couldn't put
my finger on
was how it had been so long
and where had all this time gone.

The suddenness from the moment right then.
When they told me that my uncle was dead
that this was his sacrifice that he left
and before he even made into the death bed.

He paid millions to have me frozen in ice
and for that they could have saved his life.
He sure paid that price
but he chose instead that he would save mine.

The thought alone it made me cry
I was all alone stuck in another time.
When it should have been my Uncle
brought back alive
but on the other hand a thought
that had crossed my mind.

Is he must of wanted me to survive
and for that he was happy if he died
but this happening to me felt kind of like
that his life, and his dream it had now become mine.

To see the future in another time
and throughout his very own eyes...
but to see this future from my own sight
it wasn't something I could easily describe.

The stuff I see in just them first few months.
Human labour it was all done by robots.
The flying cars and the pedestrianised roads.
The communities after Alien disclosure.

Had made this world a very different place.
There was no longer just a single known Human race.
Space travel had meant that we now come face to face
with these beings from across the paths of Outer Space.

Who were, a lot more civilised in some ways
they all laughed aboutt the TV show from my time.
(the X Files) Around '98
because people would ask if we are alone.

In that time back in my past
when believing there very existence it was hard,
but now they walked amongst us
as Friends, Neighbours and even our loved ones'.

These being beings that were mostly kind at heart
who at times of conflict had for the greater good.
Did what they could to help us
but then saying that some of the things the others done.

The power hungry other E.T's .
Who obsessed with Human slavery.
They were like the other side of the coin
that instead had wanted us all destroyed.

So for years they had attacked and deployed
there dark forces in plain sight
awaiting to strike.
Had pretty much not stopped this whole onslaught.
Till these was the cause of a new World War!

Where live's were lost but still born
were the babies of mankind to help ensure
Our Survival - as something worth fighting for.
Our victory came in 3034!

By then I had began to settle in
after everything getting blown up to little bits.
It was my chance for a new life I could live
with a fresh start of making a go of things.

So one of the first things I did
was I checked my old savings account
with a retina scan (beep beep) and my finger prints.
I don't know why or what made me think.

That it would even recognise my eyes,
or my skin. Never mind show up on this
system when it had been so long since
over 1000 years a whole millenium

but as I weren't officially declared as dead
my savings I had of three pounds and thirty five pence
had grown so much with all the interest
and the biggest surprise of all it was this.

Since last time I checked my chip and pin
each time they had added in XX %percent.
Till the point that had more then I could spend
but no money could make me feel any less...
alone then I felt
1000 years in the future by myself
which even with all this wealth
well there was only one thing that I thought could help.

Why I invested in a time machine
and I was gone in a quantum leap.
Though when I got back home to my time
what I see
was this it wasn't the same reality.

They'd frozen my uncle her instead of me
and my other self from this timeline was deceased.
Had sadly died from those injuries.
So people looked at me like I was a zombie.

The walking dead amongst these
people but then there was the family
of this other self who seemed somewhat more relieved
as seeing me it helped to deal with their grief.

Even though it weren't really him that they see.
The one thing that they had refused to believe
was this man had died. How this couldn't be
when they looked across that room and see me.

A Doppelganger of this man to a T
so no wonder that they thought that I was he.
Their loved one who had sadly passed on and they lost
but somehow like a miracle from god.

Well here I was - resurrected like the holy one.
Although the only thing -
not just that this was morally wrong.
What I came to see
was these people were nothing alike my family.

As mad as it seemed
as everything they did it differently.
Things like the weird way that they would eat
and using a bar a soap to brush their teeth.

It made me want to get up and leave.
As I felt beyond the point of sanity.
Even though I felt somewhat kind of guilty.
I could not escape the way I was feeling.

So as my time machine was still hidden.
I figured out that I'd go somewhere different.
I didn't care where it was that I went
for the fact that I couldn't go on like this.

With the things that this place here
was doing to my head.
So I just stepped into the booth and I pressed
any buttons without a care where I went.
I time travelled to the olden days back when.

If they didn't like ya
for the way that you dressed.
Or they they felt in any way you was a threat.
Like me. Then the sentence you could bet.
Was you'd be thrown into the Lion's Den! The Lion's Den!

© 2017 chivs86

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