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Changing Up Life A Bit

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When Our Plans Have Turned Into Sour Grapes

We have to find a way

To be flexible and bend as needed

It is not what we wanted to do

It is not how we saw our day or week play out

Through my experience, we have to learn to adapt

Thinking of the same outcome

Only with hesitation and discomfort

I can feel the tension entering my body

What I thought was going to be easy

Now has become more difficult and challenging

I have accepted the way things are

Now I have to put more energy into making things the way I want them to be

Every time the sad feelings of disappointment and anger try to take hold

I have to refocus and find a new purpose

If my time is spent more wisely searching for answers

Than complaining about what is wrong

It will bring about better results

As I keep active and make small steps to a new beginning

I open my heart and mind up

Where I may be surprised

The place where I end up

Could be better off than I thought

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