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Your Naughty Cat - A Humorous Cat Poem

Prithviraj likes to write humorous and silly poems. Here, he has written a funny poem on the naughtiness of the cats.

Cats are naughty yet loving and humorous creatures. And have you ever wondered about what the cat likes and what they don't? What they think about you - their human?

Here is a humorous poem about cats that you will enjoy reading. And if there is a cat in the house, then you can read aloud this poem to her/him. The cat will love it!

Funny Cat Poetry

Funny Cat Poetry

Your Naughty Cat - A Humorous Cat Poem

I am the mighty naughty cat,
My favourite food is a rat.
I would like to slap humans with a bat,
But I won't do it because I like their pat!
But I will surely kill them with a bat,
If they disturb my sleep with their pat!

I like to irritate my humans nonstop,
I will sit on their head or on their laptop.
That's just a way of mine showing love for them,
So that for a lifetime, they will praise me like a gem!

I like blue and green.
And I am your queen!

So, hey human! Get some food for your queen.
A fish will be delicious,
But a rat will be auspicious!

I don't like parties with a loud noise,
So in my house, keep the noise low,
Unless you don't want me to make you my foe!

Follow all my commands,
And I will bestow you with considerable amends.
By learning catwalks from me, you have developed a great walking sense.
Are you interested in learning my magical sixth-sense?
I will teach you only if you follow all my commands!

Naughty Cats

Naughty Cats

I can see in the dark,
So if a ghost ever embark,
To save your life, depending on my mood, I will hiss at that jerk.
But If my mood says otherwise, then"RIP to your soul", I say this with a smirk.

I like to scratch my furniture with my claws,
Let me do that, else as an omen, I will come in your path with my claws!

I am the mighty naughty cat,
I am a born talented, good fishing cat,
That's all for today,
Now go read poems about my big brother cats!


So this was a humorous poem of a naughty cat. If you have a cat and you find some of her/his habits funny. You can mention those crazy habits in the comments. And if you are a cat who is reading this poem, then do mention the annoying habits of your human.

Have an amazing kitty cat day!

© 2020 Prithviraj Shirole

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