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Carousel of beauty


She`s not the mainstream girl you meet on a street

Creepy how she`s always looking everywhere around

And she`s nervous when you`re the one she`s supposed to see

Deep inside there`s a secret that needs to be found.

Checking every single details of things and people

Looking like a freak, yet still focused in her mind

She`s so happy she would jump from a cliff

To make herself miserable, to make herself blind.

She looks so fragile and lost

Looking for a way to break it

Feelings put away, so tossed

That`s when she`s emotionally naked.

So she takes away the mask

She`ll show you true kindness you`ve never seen before

All you need to do is ask

She`s willing to be exposed from the very deepest core.

She will act like a lady on the outside

But the flame she`s hiding underneath her skin

Makes her fuck you like one of a kind

She shows you the insane side of her, she let you in.

She let you in

To taste her insecurities she`s so confident about

She`s always gonna win

Carousel of beauty, with you or without.

Dressed in laces of black colour

Like a wild animal born from an angel

The sparkle of her you cannot cover

You already know this girl is a danger.

And when you`re done it`s never enough

Cause this girl, she got you chained

You can`t feed her with your buff

The brand new feelings you`ve gained

Are tearing you apart cause they came so unexpected

You fall apart into small pieces exactly like her

Tiny particles waiting to be collected

To create a masterpiece you, on your own, never were.

-Dagmar Eckert

© 2019 Dagmar Eckert