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The 100 Shades of Quarantine

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I got entangled myself in the hardest of time
but you were not there when I said u r all mine

Life was so busy even when I was free

and this is how I spend my quarantine

Waiting for a lover I passed day and nights
why ya'all say love is a crime

I FOUGHT WITH myself but I lost
I lost a thousand time

I get up again to find my lifee
but just ended up in my bed cryin'

Strangled between two careers I had to decide
which of them makes me a star that shine

Opening my eyes I saw judges everywhere
huh the same judges become lawyers at their time

I still wonder how can they just keep on defending their character
when they have spent their whole lives doin' shit at mine

for those who call me insane
I'm also supposed to say the same but don't u mind

I have fought with my depression
fought with those mood swings
dealt with those sleepless nights
but I always keep my feelings hide

yOU guys have spread so much hatred that love doesn't
finds its place in my heart but ya' see, still I survive

Hoping for the whole shit to end soon
I lost myself in the crowded thoughts of mine

I call u the worst nightmare that lets everyone die

but don't u worry u r not gonna die fuckin' easy
U see bad guys just do enjoy

It's just us who act like they exist
but we are already dead, deep inside

This is how I spend my quarantine