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break me again

i have to break every bone
it's not just to find sincerity
though being honest is very hard
i just can't learn in this form any longer
i need to collapse within myself
through pain and helplessness
that's how you go forward
i can't go slow
my heart will find itself soon enough
but my own culture must change
i hold life giving marrow in my hands
maybe i should give it all away
is it my right to use it for myself alone
my ambition seems for me only
kindness is walking across a bridge
should i say something about it
and if i do
would you believe in me
a broken man who is ready to change?
i lend my voice to right thinking
however unworthy
or what you remember of me
when i stood upright
with fragile bones stuck in the same place
but no more
i hope you can hear my voice
within the pile of rubble awaiting a child's mind
asking questions full of discovery
give me time
i will figure it out
influences that only hint of my journey
and if i repeat myself then break me again